The most respected name in Long Beach Island real estate
Benee Scola & Company, REALTORS

About Benée Scola & Company

Benée Scola & Company opened for business listing and selling real estate on Long Beach Island in January 1995. Since inception, the company continues to be an industry leader in the unique market place it serves.

Who is Benée Scola…

Since beginning in the Long Beach Island real estate business in 1987, Benée has enjoyed an illustrious career, far surpassing industry standards, in the marketing of beach homes in North Beach, Harvey Cedars and Loveladies. In 1972, when Benée was ten years old, her family moved year round to Long Beach Island (LBI). Benée, as a kid and young adult, pictured herself moving off the Island in search of a career. Somehow the lure of LBI just was too strong and in 1987 at 25 years old she began her real estate career. Benée lives year round on the bay in High Bar Harbor and considers herself fortunate to be able live and work on Long Beach Island.

Who is & Company…

& Company is Susan Blauvelt. Susan began her Long Beach Island real estate career in 1985. She owned and operated a successful Long Beach Island real estate company prior to joining forces with Benée in 1995 as co-owner of Benée Scola & Company. Susan’s family purchased one of the six homes that existed in High Bar Harbor in 1958 when Susan was five years old. When the family sold that home in 1970, Susan always believed that one day she would return. In 1984, she sold her business in North Jersey and moved to LBI, beginning her career in real estate the following year.

Why Benée & Susan opened Benée Scola & Company…

In 1995 all Long Beach Island real estate firms participated in the sale and rental of property on Long Beach Island. We felt that this typical real estate model was ineffective. We feel that engaging in rentals is diluting of valuable time and energy required to effectively serve the sales industry. We also recognized that Long Beach Island property is a major asset and the sales and marketing should only be handled by seasoned professionals with proven track records. We then decided that we would not have agents working for us ensuring that our customers have top flight representation throughout their transaction.

To that end, Benée & Susan are the only agents in the office, assuring quality control. Together, they handle all aspects of a customer’s real estate business and all the inquires on the properties that we have listed for sale. This methodology clearly produces outstanding results as evidenced by the number of transactions that Benée Scola & Company closes.

What you do….

Don’t accept our word that we offer the most competent real estate services available. Interview our client base, then make your own determinations. Take the business of selling or buying on LBI seriously – Benée Scola & Company does.